Cheyenne Craft Cartridge - Soft Edge Magnum Shaders
Cheyenne Craft Cartridge - Soft Edge Magnum Shaders

Cheyenne Craft Cartridge - Soft Edge Magnum Shaders


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Perfect quality "Manufactured in Berlin", and all this at an attractive price – this is the only way to describe our Craft Cartridges. They developed the Cheyenne Craft Cartridges to offer you more convenience in your daily work.
Cheyenne Cartridges distinguish themselves through the highest needle quality and Cheyenne’s patented Safety Membrane. In contrast to many cheap knock-offs, these needles do not produce any abrasive residue that could find its way into the bloodstream. Craft Cartridges thereby meet the highest standards of hygiene, protecting you and your customers.
The secret behind the Craft Cartridges lies in their shape: The casing is cast in one piece and doesn’t have a removable tip. Additionally, They've selected the 19 most important and popular needle configurations for the Craft Cartridges. The clever Cheyenne Cartridge System enables easy and safe cartridge exchanges, even while you’re working.
Offering premium quality that is tailored to the needs and standards of professional tattoo artists. For you and for your boundless creative freedom.

  • Precise needle configurations
  • 7 & 23 Mag groupings are produced using a 0.30mm diameter needle
  • 9, 13 & 17 Mag groupings are produced using a 0.35mm diameter needle
  • Membrane style system
  • Medical grade plastic
  • Exceptional ink flow
  • Cheyenne Cartridges: Comfort through easy handling
  • Tattoo needles come in sterile and hygienic packaging
  • Travel-friendly
  • Ready-to-use
  • 10 Cartridges Per Box

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