Artdriver - Z3 - Clear Oriental Blue Rotary
Artdriver - Z3 - Clear Oriental Blue Rotary

Artdriver - Z3 - Clear Oriental Blue Rotary


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The All New Artdriver Z3 Model Rotary

With a renewed design, the Z3 models have a 3.6mm stroke, a custom brushless Maxon Swiss motor with bigger bearings giving it more durability and a brass eccentric cam that maintains it's stability. The motor has been perfectly balanced which helps eliminate vibration, giving the artist stability and precision. The new materials that compose the machine make it lightweight and durable. 

The new twist drive bar is longer and more flexible. It also comes with a more robust drive bar and a unique design that makes it easier to change between bars. The drive bars are quickly interchangeable by screwing them on or off. This new twist-drive bar, gives the artist more comfort and control over the stroke because the design gets rid of most of the vibration of the rotary, and it’s spiral design gives back the strength to the needle.


  • Polycarbonate Body (lightweight & durable)
  • Custom Swiss Maxon Brushless Motor
  • Motor works with a magnetic field, making it work without friction giving it more quality and durability
  • Integrated circuit & pressure sensors
  • Built in sensors makes the power stable and precise.
  • The sensors adjusts to the artists pressure allowing for a more reliable control
  • Voltage: 9V to 14V
  • Weight: 2.9oz
  • Stroke: 3.6mm
  • Unique quick change drive bar system
  • Made in Spain
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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