Axys Fehu - Red
Axys Fehu - Red
Axys Fehu - Red
Axys Fehu - Red

Axys Fehu - Red


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Outstanding Qualities
The Axys Fehu is, without a doubt, the best non-give cartridge style rotary tattoo machine on the market.  Firstly it gives you the ability to work over a wide variety of different styles at different speeds and voltages.  Also it is very ergonomic and as a result it will add years to your career and leave you with more energy at the end of the day because it is designed to save your body from fatigue.

Utility and Cleanliness
Your machine should make both you and your client’s life better.  Because you have the option of purchasing an extra motor body with any 1 of 4 strokes, you can change how your machine hits during a tattoo without needing any tools.  Furthermore if you want to have extra tube vise assemblies, sterilized and on hand, you can get those as well. The Fehu is extremely clean because it can be bagged entirely with a standard clip cord sleeve, therefore, no extra bag needed!  By design it’s fully enclosed so there are no moving parts to catch dirt or interfere with your barriers.  Because it’s maintenance free and warrantied for 1 year after sale you should never expect to factor in downtime as a hidden cost.


  • Center balance , just like a pen
  • Uses any cartridge grip
  • 45 Degree RCA connection
  • 3.5mm stroke - Medium (General purpose, all-around stroke for almost all applications)
  • Only 2.6oz (76g)
  • Autoclaveable vise & forward body
  • Uses a Swiss Maxon motor
  • Made in America