Bala Acab 2 Machines Hand Engraved

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Hard hitting machine with an adjustable stroke. This machine has extreme precision, great for lining and color and also works with cartridge system. Stay up system - needle stays in the tube when the motor is not running. Runs smooth, fast, quiet and has low vibration. Maxon Motor - 4.5 watts Very Light - 65-70 grams Travel: Long (4.4mm) Med. (3.8mm) Short ( 2.4mm) Warranty All our machines and accessories are guaranteed for one year against defects in workmanship. To validate this warranty you must first inform us by email or phone fault occurs. It must send the equipment, with the original packaging, accessories and any other element which could contain. And send your ticket purchase (either our website or one of our distributors) with the warranty card accompanying each. The transport costs arising during the warranty period as a result of shipping, and later be collected by the customer.