Cheyenne Hawk PEN Headphone Plug 6.3mm (Headphone Jack 3.5mm)

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Thin, flexible, and long-lasting: Cheyenne cables are made with high-grade, sturdy materials for exceptional reliability and durability. Use these power cables to connect your Cheyenne machine to our Power Units. You can also use our adapters to attach third-party power units or to attach the original Power Units with foot switches from other manufacturers.

The Cheyenne headphone standard jack enables you to use your Cheyenne Pen with most standard jack power supplies. When using the Pen with normal power supplies, a startup cable may also be required.

Please note that this is compatible for the Cheyenne Pen only. For the Cheyenne Spirit or Thunder, it is recommended to use the Cheyenne headphone standard jack.


  • Original Cheyenne Corporate Design
  • User-friendly shape
  • Reliable and stable
  • Quality that’s "Manufactured in Berlin"