Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Drive - Red
Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Drive - Red
Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Drive - Red
Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Drive - Red

Cheyenne HAWK Thunder Drive - Red

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The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder machine is the complete all in one, making it good for all aspects of tattooing. It delivers fast strokes and quick punctures and is very powerful making it excel in lining too.

So what's new compared with previous versions?

It's all about power. All tattooing styles and concepts are now possible without the slightest loss of quality. Lining, shading and coloring at its highest level with just one machine!

It's stroke has been dramatically increased up to 4mm. The increased stroke length in conjunction with the rotational speed of the new drive and the optimized motor provides very high speed and acceleration. The power reserves of the motor are now used much more effectively. This cannot be only felt, but you can hear it too!

What remains the same?

Its distinctive, ergonomic design remains very similar. The technical precision that is Made in Germany. The versatile selection of needle cartridges are perfect for all concepts and styles.


  • 4mm Stroke
  • Weight: 77g (2.7oz.)
  • Nominal Operating Voltage: 5-12V
  • Concentrated power for dots and lines
  • Strain-free work with minimal vibration, lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Great handling and less fatigue with a choice of two GRIPs
  • Anodized aluminum: sturdy and hygienic
  • Easy to cover
  • Protected cable jack connection
  • Includes power cords
  • Manufactured acc. to Medical standard (ISO 13485)