Cheyenne PU I Power Unit
Cheyenne PU I Power Unit
Cheyenne PU I Power Unit
Cheyenne PU I Power Unit

Cheyenne PU I Power Unit


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Cheyenne Power Units are tailored to your needs: One machine can be operated with Power Unit I, while Power Unit II lets you connect two machines and switch back and forth between them as you work.
You can purchase various adapters for your Cheyenne PU, which not only allow you to connect your HAWK Spirit, HAWK Thunder, and HAWK PEN but also other tattoo machines. A convenient feature: When tattooing with our machines, the display shows the output voltage reference value for the frequency.
Your tattoo Power Units also come with a power adaptor and country-specific plugs. Planning a convention tour abroad? Simply plug in and start tattooing! The Power Units are ideally suited for travelling in general due to their compact shape and lightweight build, weighing only 455 grams.
When designing the Cheyenne PUs, we consciously opted for minimalist and intuitive operation, so you can concentrate on your work and individually adjust the settings.
  • Nominal Voltage: 5-12V DC
  • Power Consumption: 15VA
  • Measurements (mm): 110 x 165 x 55 (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 260g (9.2oz)
  • Voltage: 0-20
  • Intuitive use
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Includes country-specific plugs
  • Easy to clean (not sensitive to detergents)
  • Does not include foot switch, sold separately

**PLEASE NOTE:This product comes with a 24 month warranty, which is valid direct with Cheyenne.