Magic Lube Kit

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Magic Lube kit. Cleans, lubricates and keeps your machine virtually silent. It includes 5oz. of Spektra Magic Lube, two packages of 1/2oz of PFTE synthetic Grease. Spektra Lubrication Instructions: 1- Remove Slider carefully. 2- Clean Old grease from your Slider 3- Clean with a cotton swab any excess of lubricant inside your MachineBody 4- Spread evenly 1/4 oz (half a package) all around the slider. (It's recommended to use a small tong depressor or similar.) 5- Insert Slider and parts in place. 6- Open Spektra MagicOil and pour a drop in the armature opening. 7- While MotorBolt is removed,flip the Machine body facing the MotorBolt opening and pour a drop of MagicOil between front of the slider (right around where the slider glides up and down) 8- Pour one drop of MagicOil right around the give knob to lubricate the opposite side of slider. 9- Run machine at 16 volts for 8-10 seconds (no more than that) to allow Spektra magic Oil and PTFE grease to mix up and lubricate throughout. 10- Enjoy tattooing.