Feldman Aluma-Jensen Liner
Feldman Aluma-Jensen Liner
Feldman Aluma-Jensen Liner
Feldman Aluma-Jensen Liner

Feldman Aluma-Jensen Liner


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Brandyn Feldman hace designed a machine that is a very close representation to the famed machine "The Chair" or "The A-Frame" by respected tattooer, tattoo supply owner and tattoo machine builder Owen Jensen. This very iconic tattoo machine shape has been loved for years.

Being that it is a reproduction and very specialized, He's limiting the amount that will be produced.

This frame makes both a powerhouse liner or a punchy to-the-point shader. Tattooing with these machines is so nice, and the lightweight 6.3oz makes it easy to use for long stretches of time. Like all of the machines Brandyn builds, they are precision made and require appropriate love and care. If you do that, you can bet your ass that Feldman made machines will work perfectly day in and day out for life.

We hope our product description gives you the best feel for what to expect when buying - Feldman MFG. But if we left any thing out please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Machine Features and Specs

  • CNC Machined MAG Aluminum
  • Tattooer designed, programmed, and machined for highest quality.
  • Weight of the machine is only 6.3 oz, so hold on to it so it doesn't fly away!
  • Easy to operate tube chuck that will accept all tubes.
  • 1.250 tall 8 wrap coils sitting on yoke.
  • High quality American made hardware.

Machine Running Recommendations

  • Needle size : 5-7-9-11-14’s and larger
  • (Shader version) Great for black and gray or color packer depending on set up.
  • Volts & Speed: 4.5-8 V/135 MHZ.
  • Punchy with top end sweet spot.
  • (Liner version) Great for single pass bold lines as well as smaller lines.
  • Tested and tuned with needle and tube.