Immortal Prime

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Benefits for Tattoo Artists:

Provide your client with the best possible skin (pre-tattoo) with specially formulated ingrdients that:

  • Clean – Remove excess oil and debris
  • Sanitize – Prevent staph and strep infections
  • Exfoliate – Smooth the skin by removing dead surface cells
  • Sooth – Reduce inflammation from irritated, dry, sun damaged, or rough skin
  • Save Time- Well-prepared skin means a faster more efficient process

Benefits for Collectors and Tattoo Lovers:

Maintain and preserve healed tattoos with ingredients that:

  • Fight aging by improving skin elasticity
  • Exfoliate to make your tattoo appear more vibrant and crisp
  • Resist fading from harmful UV rays
  • Protect and heal the skin from wrong-doings while conditioning and soothing
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