Killer Bee Machine Chrome

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Cut by British engineers from high quality billet aluminium and then hand polished, this machine just shouts quality the moment you take hold of it. The ergonomic design has been fine-tuned over 4 years of development to reduce tendon strain which in turn reduces repetitive strain injuries, common in the tattoo industry. The balance is so perfect that you can literally balance this machine on the tip of your finger. This gives the artist absolute control of their machine and further reduces the strain your hands experience whilst tattooing.

This new concept in tattoo machine ergonomics will prolong your career and make you more productive as soon as you get a hold of one.

- Designed to fit perfectly in the artists hand
- Massively reduces stress in tendon
- Super clean hygiene standards
- Part Autoclavable
- Powerful
- Serviceable
- Reliable

The KillerBee has a maxon motor which operates from 9 all the way up to 24 volts. Normal operating voltage is between 9v and 14v which is a hard-hitting machine with up to 4mm stroke. We recommend only using Revol Cartridges but the machine can take others but we have had reports that they can feel loose and will not perform as well.

Stroke: Up to 4mm
Needle Adjustment: 5mm
Weight: 225g
Motor: Swiss Maxon Motor (Most powerful in the industry)
Optimal Voltage: 9v-15v (Motor Limit 27v)


Machine comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty, that can be registered on the Immortal Innovations website.   MUST BE REGISTERED WITHIN 3 MONTHS OF PURCHASE OR IT WILL BECOME INVALID!

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