Optim 1 - One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner - 32oz. Bottle


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    OPTIM1 is a one-step disinfectant and cleaner wipe with a 1-minute TB kill time and bactericidal claim, and 30-second virucidal and fungicidal claims. It is EPA-registered. OPTIM1 contains 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down naturally into water and oxygen, in a proprietary formulation and has a natural scent. The manufacturer recommends to rinse all surfaces with soap and water when switching to OPTIM1 to remove any residual residue from your previous disinfectant. OPTIM1 is nontoxic and nonirritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. It is listed as a category IV, the EPA’s lowest toxicity category requiring no precautionary or hazard warnings. No GHS symbols or communication are required. OPTIM1 provides the confidence that you are compliant and mindful of patients, staff, equipment and the environment without compromise: the perfect balance. Sold exclusively at Ultimate Tattoo Supply!


    • One of the fastest and most effective cleaner & intermediate level disinfectants on the market today.
    • Removes organic debris while disinfecting.
    • Easy on sensitive skin and does not produce eye reactions.
    • Does not leave film on surfaces.
    • Active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, breaks down into water and oxygen.
    • 1-minute contact time ensures compliance while having broad-spectrum effectiveness.
    • 30-second fungicidal and virucidal contact time.
    • Designed to be compatible with a wide range of materials
    • In the lowest EPA toxicity category, category IV.
    • No GHS hazard pictograms, signal words or statements required.
    • No active residues reduce environmental impact.
    • 32oz. Bottle