S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint Kit
S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint Kit
S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint Kit
S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint Kit
S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint Kit

S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint Kit

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Welcome to the digital world of tattooing! S8 Tattoo has worked closely with Brother Mobile Solutions to offer this extremely portable, easy to use printer specially designed for professional tattoo artists. This lightweight, compact, battery-powered* printer help artists easily connect to laptops or handheld devices almost anywhere. Rather than spending countless amounts of time drawing stencils by hand or using old and unreliable thermal machines, the S8 Stencil Printer can print a clean, 300 dpi stencil in seconds.

Digital stencil printing was made possible in the tattoo community in 2015 and over the last few years we have worked with Brother Mobile Solutions to refine and improve the printer performance to allow you to print the best stencil possible, using the Brother PocketJet 7 printer series and configuring for stencil printing use. This optimizes the S8 Tattoo Stencil Printer to print your artwork on either the S8 or Spirit Stencil paper. Optimization handles heavy contrast zones and dense spaces, nearly eliminated common paper jamming. Digital stencil printing has increase quality, speed and ease of use. 


  • Print artwork directly from your computer or iOS wireless devices in seconds!
  • Use with Apple iPad and iPhone.  This product will NOT work with Android devices.
  • New software designed for the professional tattoo artist nearly eliminates common paper jamming issues, making for an easier-than-ever print!
  • This kit includes the S8 Stencil Printer - AirPrint, two S8 Red Stencil Kits, USB cable, and a US style power cord.
  • Designed for use with S8 and Spirit Thermal Paper
  • Small, compact design easily fits in your travel bag or carry-on
  • Vivid, crisp images burn at 300 dpi resolution
  • Optional Li-Ion Battery enables portable, on-the-go-printing