Time Tattoo Art Today

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Time: Tattoo Art Today, was an exhibition presenting original artwork from 70 of the worlds most influential tattoo artists including Ed Hardy, Horiyoshi III, Paul Booth and Mister Cartoon, curated by fellow tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe and publisher Miki Vialetto, in collaboration with Somerset House. Each artist was commissioned to create a completely new work for the exhibition on the theme of Time, working with any medium and on any canvas apart from the usual surface of skin. The resulting collection ranges from oil painting, watercolours and traditional Japanese silk painting to paint layering on real skulls, airbrush and bronze sculpture. The catalogue has been published with great attention to detail, and testifies to this ambitious artistic project that took place at Somerset House in London: one of the most prestigious locations in Europe dedicated to contemporary art. KEY POINTS: Historical testimony of a one-of-a-kind event for tattoo art. Traditional tattooing styles are reinterpreted by tattoo artists who best represent contemporary tattooing, through truly original means of expression. Presenting works of art by the most famous tattooists in the world: from Don Ed Hardy to Horiyoshi III. It embraces a vast and extensive public, who are not only tattoo fans.

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