Vlad Blad Avenger Rotary
Vlad Blad Avenger Rotary
Vlad Blad Avenger Rotary

Vlad Blad Avenger Rotary

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After years of continuously enhancing their rotaries, Vlad Blad has now created the Avenger Rotary machine. This machine has the same reliability of its coil offerings while maintaining the functionality and lower weight of a rotary. This hybrid rotary tattoo machine is compatible with both standard tattoo needles and cartridges needles. It can easily handle any style of tattooing.

Vlad Blad has designed the Avenger in such a way that you don't need to adjust it when you switch between standard needles and cartridges during the tattoo session.

Vlad Blad has also fitted the Avenger with its own SuperJaws® tube vise - a reinvented tube vise with a slot on the front and a guillotine inside. It's easy to insert a needle into the vise; it clamps tubes tightly and evenly without breaking disposable plastic grips.

Artists noted how simple it is to make lines with this machine, even in difficult places, without gaps and blowouts. They also compliment that it is noticeably better than with other rotary tattoo machines because of its comfort level and ability to work fast with both thin and thick outlines. 

This tattoo machine, capable of operating at extremely low revolutions, starts from only 2.5 volts and performs really well within all its working voltage range. All in all, it's a multi-functional tattoo machine that allows you to do whatever you need in any tattoo style by simply changing the voltage with any kind of standard needles or cartridges!

Key Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Compatible with both standard needles and cartridges
  • Motor: 7 W
  • Stroke length: 3.6 mm
  • RCA connection
  • Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 54 mm
  • Weight: 120g (4.2oz)
  • Input voltage: 3-10 V
  • Maximum needle size: 50 magnum

Recommended Working Voltage:

  • Thin Outlines: 4-7.5 V
  • Thick Outlines: 5-9 V
  • Black & Grey: 4.5-7.5 V
  • Color Realism: 6.5-9 V
  • Color Packing: 4-9 V
  • Dotwork: 3-7 V
  • Whip Shading: 4-9 V