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Are there alternatives to shop for your tattoo supplies; sure, but why would you? Ultimate Tattoo Supply carries only the most trusted and widely used brands such as World Famous Tattoo Ink, Kwadron machines, Revol needles and Critical Power Supplies at some of the industries lowest prices. Plus with available free shipping, rewards programs for loyalty and personal live-chat assistance, the choice is clear; there is no choice. Ultimate Tattoo Supply is the place to be!

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Whether you're looking for inks, machines, shop supplies or anything else related to the tattoo industry, we have you covered.

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Decades of experience, a lifetime of work, battle after battle of industry tattoo ink. None of that was in vain. It was the driving force behind the revelation that something could be changed, that the Artist’s work could be enhanced, brightened and powered beyond the realm of the skin.

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It's in the name. Everything we do and every brand we carry is, by definition, the creme of the crop, the top of the pile, the best; ultimate.

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