Tattoo Supplies

As a tattoo artist, you should be aware that it takes more than talent to become successful in the trade. Also, you should have quality items and kits at your disposal. With this in mind, you have to invest in the right kind of tattoo products.

All of these products range from tattoo machines to ink sets, which are some of the most important kits that you should have. Apart from these, safety and hygiene are also two of the most essential aspects that you should consider. You will be wise to choose the ideal tattoo store where you can get all of your tattoo materials.

Things to Take Into Account Before Putting Up a Tattoo Shop

If you are starting a tattoo business, you may want to consider certain procedures before putting up your tattoo store. You should understand that becoming a tattoo professional is not just about talent alone. Everything should begin with having quality tattoo devices and supplies, among others. The other guidelines that you may want to take into account are:

Do Not Resort to Low-Cost Tattoo Kits

Money will always be an issue if you are starting out as a tattoo artist. There is no doubt that some of the tattoo supplies you will see, particularly quality ones, may be on the costly side.

There are some cost-efficient alternatives that may work for you. However, some of these materials can easily be spotted by clients which may affect your business. Also, you have to check for the safety instructions on the labels to ensure the authenticity of the products.

Create a Portfolio of Your Work

A portfolio of your artwork is important, especially if you are working as an apprentice. Putting your art on a stencil paper is one way of doing this. In so doing, you bring out all of your ideas on paper for your clients to see.

You can take pictures of your work and include these photos in your portfolio as well. You may also purchase a practice skin where you can further your drawing skills. A practice skin is a tattooing surface that is made of rubber in which the consistency closely resembles that of a human arm. Ultimate Tattoo Shop offers several art stencils that you can use to develop your skills.

Get Quality Tattoo Needles

A tattoo needle will be the most common material that you are going to use once you have begun your career as in the tattoo industry. You will be investing more on these products than any other supplies in your store.

One of the things that you should consider in buying these needles is their quality. Make sure that the needles are sharp and straight. A bent or dull needle may result in an unsatisfactory outcome, which is something you would not want to happen.

Considering the variety of these materials available in the market, you should also make sure that you are purchasing the needles that you really need. The right kind of needle will not only deliver the results you want for your clients, this will be cost-efficient on your part as well.

Factors to Consider in Buying Tattoo Needles

Apart from getting the right type of needles that will help you complete your task, there are factors that you should consider in choosing the right ones. The following should be taken into account:

Check If the Needles Are Well Soldered

You will know that you have quality tattoo needles if the points have been soldered properly. These needles may fall off if you choose to use these defective materials on your clients.

Verify If the Needles Are Pre-Sterilized

Checking the label of your needles is one way to check if they are pre-sterilized. Typically, the package should be labeled as sterilized along with an expiration date. If you are not sure about whether you have pre-sterilized materials like these with you, you can call your supplier.

At Ultimate Tattoo Supply, we have different types of needles in store. All of our needles are made of stainless steel and have been sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Choose the Right Kind of Tattoo Machine

Tattoo machines are your primary tools of the trade as a tattoo technician. Having the right kind of machine will mean convenience and better results that you want for your clients. However, this all depends on what you usually prefer.

You should ascertain that your tattoo machines are made of any of these materials: brass, copper, or iron. This is a surefire way of telling that you have a quality tattoo machine.

Types of Tattoo Machines

Each device has its own advantage in terms of the output. The different tattoo machines are:

  • Rotary
  • Liner
  • Coil
  • Pneumatic
  • Shader

Given the varying results that artists obtain from these devices, a tattoo technician does not use just one or two of these items. He or she can mix these up depending on the type of artwork that he or she is working on.

Practice Proper Sanitation

The risk posed by blood contamination is a common occurrence in establishments like tattoo shops. However, such an incident can be prevented if you practice proper sanitation and hygiene. This is the importance of having a sharps container for your needles and other disposable materials.

At Ultimate Tattoo Supply, we have several products that can help you safely store your disposable materials. Sanitary tattoo materials such as sharps containers, among others, will not just ensure a sanitary tattoo shop but a satisfied client base as well.

Select the Right Kind of Power Supply

Tattoo artists know that a tattoo machine is nothing without a power supply. This device is required in operating a tattoo machine. Power supplies differ in output, so you have to choose which one produces better results.

Low cost power supplies fluctuate when a technician puts some pressure while tattooing. A quality power supply, however, will not experience these fluctuations despite the stress applied on the needle while tattooing.

Also, you should understand that some power supplies are not compatible with every type of tattoo machine. Some of these devices may work either with coil or rotary tattoo machines only. In short, you should choose your power supply wisely.

Putting a Tattoo on Yourself

Tattooing yourself is one way of applying your trade on your own skin. This method may be a way of improving your skills as well as a way of expressing yourself through your art.

There are factors that you have to consider before you do this, though. These are also the same methods that you will apply when tattooing another individual. These factors are:

Make Sure You Have the Right Materials With You

Before you begin, you have to ascertain that you have all the materials that you will need for your session. That means you should wear gloves and use the right needles. You can get all the materials you need at Ultimate Tattoo Supply.

Consider Your Health

Just like any individual who wants to get a tattoo, you have to take into account your own health. Shave the part of the skin where the tattoo will be placed. Apply alcohol so you won’t have to worry about getting an infection.

Choose Your Design

Use a stencil if you have to. Unless you are an expert at freehand tattooing, you may want to use a stencil instead. The drawing on your stencil will serve as a guide, so your outlines should remain consistent throughout the process.

Get Quality Tattoo Supplies at Ultimate Tattoo Supply

Ultimate Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo store where you can find different high-grade tattoo supplies. We have several products that you will find valuable for your own tattoo shop. Contact us now for more information.