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machine tattooingAre you thinking of having your next tattoo project? If your answer is yes, then you might already have a list of customers and designs. For your tattoo project, you will need some tattooing machines to help you animate the design that you want.

Tattooing machines are small hand-held devices used to engrave tattoos on the skin. Tattoo guns have two types: the coil tattooing machines and the rotary tattooing machines. Learn more about the difference between these two machines.

Coil Tattooing Machines

This type of tattoo guns are the ones most commonly found in different tattoo stores. Coil tattooing machines are responsible for the noise that you hear when you enter tattoo shops. This tattoo gun is in demand among artists because of the following reasons:

  • The speed and power of coil tattooing machines are easy to regulate.
  • Coil tattooing machines are easy to customize.
  • Coil tattooing machines guarantee shorter completion time.
  • Coil tattooing machines provide heavier weight that allows more control for the artist.

There are three types of coil tattooing machines. These are:

Liner Coil Tattooing Machines

The liner tattoo machine’s primary purpose is to apply a single pass of the dominant ink on the skin. This line will become the general outline of the tattoo.

Shaders Coil Tattooing Machines

This tattoo machine’s purpose is to apply different gradients of the ink to the skin. This goes a little deeper into the skin than liners to allow the shades to pack.

Color Packer Tattooing Machines

The color packer tattoo machine’s goal is to fill in colors to the tattoo. This type of coil machine goes deeper into the skin than shaders. It is to allow the colors and pigments to pack deep into the skin to avoid going to your work over again.

Aside from the coil tattooing machines, another widely known type of tattoo guns for tattoo artists are the rotary tattooing machines.

Rotary Tattooing Machines

This type of tattoo guns uses an electric motor to drive the needles into the skin. Rotary tattooing machines are widely used by tattoo artists for the following reasons:

  • Rotary tattooing machines are lightweight.
  • They are easy to handle, which lessens hand and finger cramps.
  • Rotary tattooing machines can be used for both lining and shading purposes.
  • They produce low noise while in use.
  • They require relatively low maintenance.
  • They are fairly easy to use even for beginners.

How Will You Find the Perfect Tattoo Gun for You?

As a tattoo artist, you understand the importance of having the right tattoo guns for every tattoo project. Tattoo guns are different from each other and may require a certain level of skill and experience to use. Your tattoo guns are your paintbrush and the skin is your canvas.

Having equipment that suits your preference will dramatically improve the quality of your work. To learn which tattooing machines will work best for you, you may want to consider the following tips before purchasing your tattoo guns for your next project.

Look for Tattoo Guns Made of High-Quality Materials

Investing in your tattooing machines is important. When buying your tattoo guns, you should check the material it was made from. Most tattoo guns from reputable suppliers use copper, brass, and iron. This is because these materials are known for being sturdy, which reduces the risk of the tattoo gun breaking while in use.

Imagine buying low-quality tattoo guns and it broke in the middle of your tattooing process. This instance can cause damage to your customer’s skin and will destroy your credibility as a tattoo artist. That is why investing in high-quality materials is important for your tattooing career.

Choose Tattoo Guns That Perfectly Fit Your Hands

Tattoos have different and unique patterns. Some designs may require you to tattoo your customers in an awkward position. If you are not comfortable with the tattooing machines you are using, you may be more exposed to mistakes and cramps.

The appropriate size and shape of your tattooing machines are important because you will most likely use them many times a day, and sometimes even on an extended period of time.

If you are not familiar with the tattooing machine, it is best to purchase it from a physical store for you to be able to try if it perfectly fits your hand. For left-handed tattoo artists, there are specially made tattooing machines that are available on the market.

Consider Investing in Different Types of Tattoo Guns

Tattooing machines are made for specific purposes. There are specific tattoo guns that should be used for lining, shading, coloring, and others. Even the shading process requires various tattoo guns for soft shading, solid coloring, tribal black, solid work, etc.

Using the wrong tattooing machine for a certain purpose may cause damage to your customer’s skin, your machine, or to the quality of the tattoo itself. For instance, using liner tattooing machines as shader may not give the same effects and results as what shader tattooing machines can give.

Although there are available hybrid tattooing machines, it is still best to invest in tattoo guns with a distinctive purpose. As a tattoo artist, using different types of tattoo guns is also investing in the safety of your clients.

If you are looking for first-rate and affordable tattoo guns, get in touch with Ultimate Tattoo Supply. We will assist you with all your tattooing needs.

Why Should You Purchase Tattoo Guns From Ultimate Tattoo Supply?

Ultimate Tattoo Supply has been providing top-notch tattooing machines for more than 50 years. We strive to provide you excellent customer service and quality products.

Our team will assist you in finding the tattoo guns and supplies you need that will perfectly suit your preferences. Aside from our expertise, there are other reasons why you should choose us as your tattooing machines and supplies provider. Here are some advantages you may get by purchasing from us:

We Provide Top-Notch Tattooing Machines 

We carry only the widely used and most trusted brands of tattooing machines and supplies in the tattoo industry. Some of the brands we offer are:

  • World Famous Tattoo Ink
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We Have Various Tattooing Machines and Supplies Available

Whether you are looking for new tattooing machines, tattoo gun parts, or would like to purchase some supplies, Ultimate Tattoo Supply is your one-stop shop. We have a wide variety of tattooing machines and supplies. 

With more than 3,000 products, you can surely find the tattoo supplies that will fit your needs. We offer tattooing equipment such as:

  • Tattoo Needles
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  • Tattooing Machines
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  • Power Supplies and Accessories
  • Many More!

We Sell Tattooing Machines and Supplies at a Low Price

High-quality tattooing machines and supplies in this industry are quite expensive. If you want to have an outstanding quality of tattooing machines that are not hard on your pocketbook, turn to Ultimate Tattoo Supply. We offer one of the most affordable prices for tattooing machines and other supplies in the industry. 

We Give Freebies When You Purchase Tattooing Machines and Supplies From Us

Aside from our affordable supplies, we also offer free shipping for orders shipped within the US. For our Ultimate Alliance members, we also provide perks such as:

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Buy High-Class Tattooing Machines and Supplies for an Affordable Price

Whatever tattooing machines or supplies you are looking for, Ultimate Tattoo Supply got it for you. We accept single purchases and bulk orders of any tattooing machines and products both within and outside the US. Give us a call today to know more about our products and services.

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