A New Discovery in the Works

Welcome to the future, a new discovery in the tattoo industry has emerged and will certainly change some lives. Recently color-changing tattoo inks have been developed by researchers, (and are still being actively studied and tested) these inks are designed to respond to changes in the body, like blood sugar levels. 

Scientists are hoping to transform the surface of the skin into an "interactive display" by swapping out traditional ink with a liquid that includes biosensors.

If successful, this technology will monitor health in a way like never before. The project is named DermalAbyss, and is a partnership between MIT researchers and Harvard Medical School.

As of right now, this team has developed three inks that change color as a response to changes in "interstitial fluid." (Basically, the fluid found in the spaces around our cells and substances that leak out of blood capillaries, which are the smallest type of blood vessel).

One of the inks is used for measuring glucose levels, having a glucose-sensing tattoo could make life easier for people with diabetes. 

So far, DermalAbyss is only in the proof-of-concept stage, and there's no exact date of when it might become a real product, but we're excited to see what happens next.

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