Remembering Freddie Mercury with Ink

Freddie Mercury was truly a one of a kind person and performer. His voice is still one of the most recognizable and today we celebrate his life. Enjoy our gallery below and some interesting facts about this pop-sensation. 

Though he spent his teenage years in England, Mercury was born in Stone Town, Zanzibar (now known as Tanzania). He grew up between Zanzibar and India.

Tattoo by: Samantha 

Our sources indicate the famous singer was indeed a cat person, in fact, at one point he had over 10 cats! (The song Delilah was written about one of his furry friends).

Tattoo by: Lhumila Sobko

The famous Queen Crest was designed by Freddie himself. It's also based off of the zodiac signs of the band members.

Tattoo by: Gianni Sbragi

Freddie Mercury's last recorded song was 'Mother Love'. It was later included on Queen's album 'Made in Heaven' released in 1995.

Tattoo by: Anna Gwiazdowska

Freddie Mercury, along with the other members of Queen, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 2001.

Tattoo by: Mario Bernardi



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