4 Top Rated After Care Products For Your Next Tattoo

Sorry Mom - Sorry Mom's products have received excellent feedback online. Specifically, their Tattoo Process Butter makes the needle glide in so much smoother, and doesn't use loads like normal skin lubricants and doesn't block up needle tips. And after tattooing, the Hydrating Wash is excellent for getting dry blood and ink away from the tattoo. 

Perma Care - Created to use after permanent makeup procedures for brow, areola and scar work. This new aftercare cream has multiple beneficial ingredients to nourish, heal, and moisturize the skin, without feeling greasy.

Tac Sciences - This tattoo anesthetic cream has received positive reviews for its effectiveness at neutralizing pain and for working quickly. Also, cruelty-free and non-greasy! 

After Inked - After Inked is Formulated for success and a well-respected brand used by world-renowned tattoo artists. Enriched with grape seed oil; this can be used as a daily skin moisturizer for new and existing tattoos. 

You can find all of these awesome brands right here at Ultimate! 



Cover image by Annie Spratt

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