When Lou Rubino started World Famous Tattoo Ink, he didn't set out to create just another ink; he set out to create the best. Rubino had grown tired of dull tattoos and sub-par inks, so he developed inks that would brighten, embolden, and enhance tattoos.

"It was the driving force behind the revelation that something could be changed, that the artist's work could be enhanced, brightened, and powered beyond the realm of the skin."

Not only are World Famous Tattoo inks made with high-quality ingredients, but they are also non-toxic and vegan-friendly. 

World Famous Tattoo ink is backed by some of the top tattoo artists around the globe, such as Andres Jaramillo, Poch, Jason Ackerman, and Ink Master finalists Jime Litwalk and Sarah Miller. One of World Famous Tattoo Ink's biggest fans is tattoo artist Tomasz Torfinski, also known as Tofi. Learn why World Famous is his go-to ink.    

What Makes World Famous So Great? 

Tofi has tattooed for nearly twenty years and specializes in color surrealism. His tattoos are known for their vivid colors and unreal dimensionality, but how does he bring these magnificent pieces to life? Tofi says in his interview with Tattoo Life, " [...] the clarity of colors depends on the ink brand each artist uses. I've been relying on my experience with World Famous inks for the past six years, and it has improved the quality of my pieces both before and after healing."  

Benefit #1: Inks Are True to the Bottle

He also says it is because World Famous ink gives you the same color on the skin as you see in the bottle. For Tofi, "The greatest advantage I can think of is that for the first time in my career, […] I can achieve the same tone from the bottle on the skin. By this, I mean the tone of color on the skin is the same as the tone shown on the bottle in both the fresh and healed versions." His favorite pigments include the blues and grey opaques.  


Benefit #2: Colors Make Your Work POP 

Inks from World Famous help give Tofi's pieces a 3D quality, making them "pop" off the skin. "The very first time I used [World Famous Ink], I saw how it really popped the quality of my pieces, and I'm sure that my career started to take off from that time as well. It was also the time I started to be strongly dependent on my 3D images, and I found that I was able to transfer them onto the skin without losing any of the quality of the illustration."  


Benefit #3: Long-Lasting Results  

Tofi has spent years mastering his technique to achieve the best-healed results on his clients, but World Famous's unique pigment-heavy formula is one of the main reasons his work stays fresh. "I can't overemphasize the importance of World Famous ink, which are the most strategic ingredient."  


Make Your Work Stand Out 

See for yourself how World Famous Tattoo ink can improve the quality of your work. You'll find individual bottles, signature series ink sets, and themed palettes on our Web store. Plus, explore Tomasz's impressive 3D portfolio on his Instagram today at @tofitattooofficial.