What is Veganuary? It is a month-long challenge that provides information about the benefits of veganism and how to get started. Many people think that veganism ends with what we eat, but there is so much more to it. In a larger sense, it's looking into what's in the products we use every day. In honor of Veganuary, we'll be highlighting our most popular, vegan-friendly products. From inks to cartridges, we have options for you.

In this blog we'll be highlighting Eco Tat and Recovery's Purified Saline Wash. 

Eco Tat & Recovery

The ECOTAT disposable tattoo cartridge trays will keep your cartridges in place while you're not using them. This will not only keep your workplace tidy, but will also keep the cartridges from getting contaminated or dripping ink over your work surface. 

ECOTAT disposable cartridge trays are made from paper pulp. They are an alternative for their single-use, fossil fuel derived plastic counterparts. Using ECOTAT products will minimize your environmental impact while tattooing.

Key Features:

  • Holds up to five cartridges
  • Box of 50 trays
  • Dimensions (LWH): 6.5" x 3" x .79" 
  • Prevents cartridges from rolling around or drying out
  • Unique reservoir for each cartridge
  • Plastic Free!
Eco Tat & Recovery

ECOTAT barrier grip sleeves are made from naturally derived, plant based and renewable materials. They are an alternative for their single-use, fossil fuel derived plastic counterparts. They are thinner and lighter than their plastic counterparts, yet just as durable. 

The ECOTAT barrier grip sleeves are available in multiple sizes, depending on which size grip you use. 

Key Features:

  • Box of 250 Sleeves
  • Choose from 3 sizes: 
    • 21mm (.83")
    • 25mm (.98")
    • 32mm (1.26")
  • Plant Based
  • Plastic Free!
Eco Tat & Recovery

Soothe, refresh, and clean both new and healed piercings with our rejuvenating Saline Wash. Our purified aftercare saline wash sprays gently onto the skin, removing dirt and debris from affected areas on your skin, allowing for recovery and maintenance that is healthy, hygienic, and healing. Environmentally friendly, our wash is vegan and all-natural, devoid of CFCs, drugs, preservatives, or additives. Spray your way to a clean and healthy piercing.


  • oz.
  • 100% Pure Saline Wash
  • Soothing and gentle; sprays onto the skin
  • Vegan- and environmentally-friendly; preservative and drug-free
  • Comes in a recyclable 99.5% aluminum can
  • 360° spray dispenser for easy application
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination

Have you tried any of the products above? Share your experience below! Veganuary is almost over but there's never a bad time to switch to vegan-friendly products.