What is Veganuary? It is a month-long challenge that provides information about the benefits of veganism and how to get started. Many people think that veganism ends with what we eat, but there is so much more to it. In a larger sense, it's looking into what's in the products we use every day. In honor of Veganuary, we'll be highlighting our most popular, vegan-friendly products. From pigments to aftercare, you will have something new to try.

Today we're highlighting the 16 Color Set, Primary Kit 1 by Kuro Sumi ink!

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi has earned a reputation as the premier tattoo ink for outlining and gray wash, offering the “absolute blackest pigment in the tattoo industry”.

Their ink is enriched in culture and history with blends that have been handed down from generations of Japanese tattoo artists and have reached artists across the globe. They've evolved over that time to achieve the level of success they have today. 


Kuro Sumi's 16 Color Set Primary Kit 1 features Samurai White, White Rice Mixing, Double Sumi, Ninja Smoke, Brown Belt, Dragon's Breath Red, Rising Sun Orange, Koi Yellow, Golden Yamabuki, Bamboo Green, Sukiyaki Silver, Tsunami Blue, O-Shane Blue, Magnolia Pink, Mt. Fuji Magenta, and Shikon Purple. This set covers all your essential needs when it comes to creating large or small scale pieces. The ingredients are better for your client's skin and ensure lasting, lively results. 

Have you tried Kuro Sumi's 16 Color Set Primary Kit 1? Share your experience below! Veganuary isn't over yet, stop back by to find out what vegan-friendly product we'll be highlighting next!