FK Irons introduced the Spektra Flux, Hover & LighteningBolt earlier in the year, to much acclaim. After an initial test run with these products, Ultimate Tattoo Supply will be fully-restocking the Flux and Hover, along with offering the LighteningBolt (coming soon) for the first time.

All three machines offer unique advantages for artists, including beautiful, ergonomic design, intuitive operation and a ton of power, but these machines share one common attribute that every artist values… ease and comfort of use.

The Spectra Flux is a great, wireless machine, with a ton of battery life and fast-charing capabilities. It has very simple and direct controls, which over the course of a day, can help save a ton of time for both you and your clients. The best part of the Flux is the design. Not only does it look bad-ass and super sleek, it is also designed for comfort. It’s shape and center-weight distribution makes it easier on the arm, hand and wrist, meaning less-stretching, fewer breaks and fewer aches.

The Hover is a super-intuitive, touch-less power supply. It is definitely the future of tattooing. You can change your voltage, go through menu screens and set timers just by waving your hand or arm over the machine (hence “Hover”). Cross-contamination has always been something to avoid, but especially in these COVID-19 times, anything that requires less contact, while providing the more efficiency, is a no-brainer (and it looks cool). It’s also has USB-A and USB-C ports, so it’s a great tool for artists that use multiple devices (phones, speakers, other machines) or artists that are always on the move, traveling or attending shows. 

The LighteningBolt (coming soon to UTS) is a small battery pack that packs A LOT of power. The controls offer the same ease of use as the Flux and allows you to take your favorite machine wireless. It’s very light, so you won’t be adding a ton of weight to your machine and it also offers a ton of battery life, which helps make you more efficient with your time, while also cutting the cord.

The Flux & Hover will be fully-restocked and available on June 23. The LighteningBolt will be available for sale later this summer, so stay tuned for updates.

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