It goes without saying… wireless tattooing is here to stay. Artists everywhere are ditching their cords in favor of lightweight, wireless setups with rechargeable battery packs. 

Whether you’re curious about, skeptical of, or in love with the new wireless phenomenon, this blog will show you exactly what these cord-free machines can do. 

So, unplug from the noise on social media and tune in to our Wireless Roundup. These are six wireless tattoo machines you have to try. 

FK Irons Flux Max 

FK Irons Flux Max wireless tattoo machine on tattoo workstation with World Famous Ink in the background

If you’re already a fan of the OG Flux, the Flux Max compounds on your wireless tattooing experience with some extra cutting-edge features. This wireless machine is a great choice if you’re already experienced with wireless tattooing and want to explore high-tech add-ons to heighten your skills. Bonus features of this revamped wireless machine include: 

  • Expanded stroke length options all the way up to 4.5mm, so you can pull your crispiest, boldest lines and pack in color 
  • An upgraded digital screen including clear voltage readouts and a session timer 
  • Improved access to eGive without having to connect via Bluetooth to the darklab app 

Along with these features, you can count on all the best qualities of the OG Flux. That includes the center-balanced, forward weighted design, which means better control and less fatigue during longer sessions. Additionally, you’ll still get the 10+ hours of battery life from the rechargeable PowerBolt. 

The FK Irons Flux Max is a high-dollar investment, but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with this durable wireless machine with a long-lasting battery pack. This high-quality tattoo machine is in Stealth or Gold Stealth with a 3.2mm, 4mm, or 4.5mm stroke length. It also comes with your choice of 1 or 2 PowerBolt battery packs. 

FK Irons EXO

FK Irons EXO wireless tattoo machine on tattoo workstation with World Famous Ink in the background

Another game-changer from FK Irons, the EXO Wireless machine is also a great choice if you’re looking to take your wireless experience to new heights. Like the Flux Max, this machine is forward-weighted, gives you 10+ hours of wireless tattooing, and is E-give ready (but you’ll have to connect via Bluetooth to the darklab app.) 

Another bonus of the EXO is its versatile power options, allowing you to easily switch between a wireless or RCA setup. For you, that means you’ll always have access to power. So, let’s say you forgot to charge your battery during a convention and it’s running low while you're tattooing. With the EXO, you can easily remove your battery pack, snap on the RCA module, and switch to wired tattooing mid-session (or for your next client). In the meantime, you can charge up your PowerBolt battery pack(s) until it’s ready to go again. 

Since it comes with an RCA module, the EXO is also a great option if you haven’t tried wireless tattooing yet. It lets you experiment with wireless tattooing while also giving you the option of your familiar RCA setup. 

The FK Irons EXO wireless machine comes in Stealth or Black Ops with a 2.5mm, 3.2mm, or 4mm stroke length. It also comes with your choice of 1 or 2 PowerBolt battery packs. 

Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited

Gloved tattoo artist's hand holding the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited wireless tattoo machine on tattoo workstation with World Famous Ink in the background

Calling all diehard Cheyenne lovers: you 100% need the Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited in your top drawer. But even if you haven't tried Cheyenne… if you like the idea of intuitive, motion-activated adjustments with the benefits of a no-frills pen-style design, the Sol Nova Unlimited is for you.  

Just like the Flite X1, this machine lets you tilt your machine up or down to increase or decrease your voltage/speed. Additionally, it offers you steady and responsive modes. You can use steady mode to tattoo at an even speed without any give. On the other hand, you can switch to responsive mode if you want your machine to auto-adjust its speed and hit based on the resistance of your client’s skin. 

The Cheyenne Sol Nova Unlimited is just as quiet and vibration-free as all other Cheyenne models, so you can count on comfortable tattooing. It comes in one color (sleek black) and your choice of stroke length: 3.5mm or 4.0mm. 

Bishop Power Wands

Gloved tattoo artist's hand holding the Bishop Power Wand liner edition with copper band on a tattoo workstation

It’s time for the tri-force: the Bishop Power Wands. Go for the Wands if you prefer having a separate machine for all your needs: lining, packing, or shading. Conversely, you can give any one of these Wands a go if you already have a daily driver but want one machine that’s a little more specialized (depending on your style.)

Oh – and of course, if you’ve tried and loved the original Bishop Wands, the Power Wands should certainly be at the top of your “must-try” list.   

Just like the OG Wands, the Power Wands come as artist tried-and-approved models: the Liner, Packer, and Shader. This time, however, Bishop partnered with Critical to bolster their power. As a result, the Power Wands are compatible with all Critical Connect technologies, including the Critical Connect Footswitch and battery packs. Ultra-lightweight in design, the Power Wand only weighs in at 4.4oz when used with the Critical Connect Shorty battery pack… so say goodbye to any wrist pain or hand fatigue. You can tattoo with one of these feather-light babies all day. 

Another cool new feature? Each Power Wand has been upgraded with a magnetic backplate, so your battery sits perfectly flush on the machine and rotates 360 degrees. Unlike a lot of other batteries on the market that have their readout screens on top of the design, the Power Wand gives you optimal visibility with a side-facing screen… and with rotational capabilities, you can always have your eye on your voltage through your whole tattoo session. 

All the Power Wands are matte black with different-colored bands: copper for the Packer, jet-black for the Liner, and silver for the Shader.

Peak Solice

Peak Solice wireless tattoo machine on a tattoo workstation

Peak is a great choice for both wireless beginners and experienced wireless artists. That’s because this forward-minded brand always offers hot new features that are taking over the market without a crazy price point. 

As for the Solice wireless machine, life gets a little easier when you never run out of power. Just like the EXO, this machine is modular (which means you can switch easily between a wireless or RCA setup). As such, it’s an excellent gateway machine for artists who are only looking to try wireless tattooing, but aren’t ready to give up their RCA setup. But more than that, it ensures you’ll always have a backup power option if your battery pack runs out of juice. Just switch to the RCA module, plug in your power cord, and keep tattooing with ease.

This straightforward, reliable pen machine is also ergonomically designed with a slim 31mm textured grip; and if you prefer something slimmer, it also comes with a tapered 23mm grip for more precision and control.

The Peak Solice comes in Black, Red, or Pink and has a standard 3.5mm stroke length. But, if you’d like to up your linework or color packing game, you can also purchase the 4mm Solice cam wheel separately and tattoo your way.

InkJecta Flite X1

Gloved tattoo artist's hand holding the InkJecta Flite X1 wireless tattoo machine at a tattoo workstation with World Famous Ink in the background

The InkJecta Flite X1 is an excellent choice if either of the following apply to you:

  1. You’re seeking intuitive, motion-activated features. 
  2. You want your wireless machine to have a stand-out look unlike any other on the market.  

As far as intuitive features go, the InkJecta Flite X1 does away with the need for any manual voltage adjustments. You can easily increase your voltage/speed by tilting the machine to the right (for an increase) or to the left (for a decrease) mid-session. Plus, it offers you a super-wide voltage range of 4.5v up to 16.5v and an overall one-button operation to keep things simple. 

Additionally, as for stand-out aesthetics, there’s no other machine on the market that looks quite like the Flite X1. This machine may not look as simple as its one-button operation, but artists have raved about its even balance and ergonomic design. 

This wireless machine comes with two large 18500 batteries and two small 18350 batteries. The large batteries give you up to 8 hours of tattooing power per charge; the small batteries last for 4 hours.  Charge these batteries up with the InkJecta EFEST LUC V8 8-Port Studio Charger, available separately here. 

The Flite X1 comes in standard color options + more distinctive colors that only InkJecta offers, including Smoke, Glass, and Troopa. Spare batteries are also available separately, so you always have access to power. Like all InkJecta machines, the Flite X1 is compatible with all InkJecta’s accessories, including the torsion drive bar system + cam wheels. 

Ready to Ditch the Cords?

Explore our Web store for all these models + the accessories you need to tattoo as efficiently as possible. Remember to show us what you can do with your favorite wireless machine on Instagram and give us a tag on Instagram @ultimatetattoosupply. We’d love to see your work. 

But if you’re not ready to ditch the cords, we’ve still got your back. You can check out our top 12 rotary machines here to find the machine that’s right for you.