Laying perfect tattoo stencils can be challenging. Placement, skin tone, and the products you choose all affect how crisply (or not so crisply) your stencil appears. We’re here to help you achieve maximum visibility with all your tattoo stencils. Explore all of Spirit Stencil Paper’s color options and equip yourself to make the perfect tattoo stencil on all your clients. 

Spirit Classic Purple Tattoo Stencil Paper 

It’s a tried-and-true classic. Spirit Classic Stencil Paper lays purple on the skin and is the most popularly used option on the market. Here are some benefits of this artist-favorite tattoo transfer paper. 

Classic Benefits: 

  • Purple dye is reliably visible on all skin tones.  
  • Spirit’s classic purple dye is made from a unique wax matrix that is skin-friendly, smooth, and responsive to pressure. 
  • Spirit Classic Purple Stencil Paper is certified as vegan-friendly. 

This classic tattoo stencil paper offers freehand and thermal printing options. 

Spirit Green Tattoo Stencil Paper 

If you haven’t strayed from classic Spirit stencil paper, you could be missing out on better visibility for many clients with Spirit’s Green Stencil Paper. So, why choose green?  

Green Benefits: 

  • Green dye is ideally visible on darker skin tones. 
  • As with the classic tattoo stencil paper, Spirit Stencil Paper’s green dye is made from a unique wax matrix that is skin-friendly, smooth, and responsive to pressure. 
  • Spirit Classic Green Stencil Paper is also certified as vegan-friendly. 

This green tattoo stencil paper also offers freehand and thermal printing options. 

Spirit S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Paper 

It was called revolutionary when it first appeared on the market. Spirit S8 Red Stencil Transfer Paper is the most novel of Spirit tattoo stencil paper’s color options. You may choose red stencil paper if you favor the following perks: 

Red Benefits: 

  • Red is ideally visible on lighter skin tones 
  • Red dye provides excellent visual separation when performing line work  
  • Spirit S8’s red dye contains FDC- and D&C- approved red colorants made from vegetable and mineral waxes 

S8 Red Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper offers thermal printing options only. 

Other Supplies for Perfect Tattoo Stencils 

In addition to making sure you’ve got the right paper for a crisp stencil transfer; you’ll want to make sure you’re using high-quality transfer cream. We recommend Recovery Stencil Lock, Electrum Tattoo Stencil Primer, and Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Transfer Formula. These artist-favorite products are non-toxic, certified vegan-friendly, and free of parabens, perfumes, and dyes (skin safety first!)  

Artists rave about their ability to transfer tattoo stencils crisply and evenly onto the skin, including small details, without any smudging or smearing after you allow your stencil to dry. While you may save money using a good ol’ Speed Stick, the quality of the transfer with a reputable tattoo stencil transfer cream is well worth the few extra bucks. These stencil transfer creams also make your life easier by eliminating any need for blood lining. Give one of these transfer creams a try and see which works best for you, your style, and your tattoo stencils! 

If freehand tattoo stencils are more your style, we also recommend Alpha-Betts markers, brought to you by tattoo artist BJ Betts. These markers are designed for freehand stencils that hold true for excellent visibility and minimal mess. They also allow you to easily correct mistakes as you work. Alpha-Betts markers offer 2 water-based foundational markers, 2 alcohol-based markers for drawing the firm base of your tattoo stencil, and 2 violet-colored lock markers designed to perform just as well as classic purple stencil paper.  

Ready to Get Stenciling? 

With a wide variety of tattoo stencil paper and stencil transfer creams available, trying out new tattoo stencil paper colors, like ones by Spirit Stencil Paper, is a great way to know what works best for you as your client list grows. You’ll want to make sure you’re applying clean, reliable tattoo stencils and producing the best results for all skin tones. 
Explore the wide selection of stencil products today and let us know your favorites. Show us what you can do on Instagram and give us a tag @ultimatetattoosupply. We’d love to see your perfect tattoo stencils.