Psychedelic Tattoos - The Newest Craze

These multicolored, mind-bending tattoos are taking the industry by storm. The roots of this style give a laid-back, nostalgic vibe while also fitting perfectly into modern-day aesthetics. Below we're featuring a few of our favorite Psychedelic Tattoos, comment your favorites below!

 David Cote creates truly mind-blowing designs. He commonly uses silhouettes of people or animals, but definitely makes each piece his own. 


Sasha Unisex is one of the best tattoo artists, known for combining fine details with simplistic colors. Her style brings reality and fantasy together beautifully. 


Dillon Forte focuses on black and grey work. He adds in geometric elements, with extreme detail and magnetizing lines. 


Samarina Nika's tattoos stand out with vibrant colors and environmental undertones. She also creates amazing paintings, her artistic background shines in her tattoo work.

Another painter and tattoo artist is Marsh Sale. Some of his pieces have an almost 3D-effect. He does a mix of black and grey and colorful tattoos.


An awesome set to use for your next psychedelic tattoo is the A.D. Pancho Pro-Team Color Set. Check it out by clicking here. 

Does this new style of tattooing have you dancing to the tattoo studio? Comment below. 


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