Th(INK) P(INK) - Sets for Mastectomy & Areola Reconstructive Tattoos

Breast cancer survivors are some of the bravest, strongest individuals out there and when you're a fighter you're often left with battle scars. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we want to share helpful information for breast cancer survivors and the artists that help with scar camouflage and areola reconstruction. In this blog, we’re highlighting sets made to help with mastectomy, areola, and scar camouflage tattoos. 

This set features a variety of pigments to make color matching easier for permanent makeup artists. These shades help achieve the ideal areola color for each client. This 1/2oz. set includes the following colors:
  • Prime L Skin – This is the base color that can be used for Areola with someone of a Fitzpatrick 1-3 skin tone. (Warm) Mix it Up with the scar set!
  • Prime D Skin – This is the darkest color of browns for Areola. This can be lightened with a middle mixer and lightened with a drop of black to darken.  (Warm) Mix it Up with the scar set!
  • Yes Cool – Add this color to Prime L Skin to make a natural areola color. (Cool) Mix it Up with the scar set!
  • Pink Mixer – A couple of drops of this can add a nice pink to your main Areola color. This color can be mixed with your Middle Mixer for a nice nipple color. (Warm)
  • High White – This can be used for highlights in your areola to help with details and 3D nipples.
  • Low Black – This can be used to help you create a 3D nipple in darker skin types.
  • No Pink  – This color is only going to be used if you are having trouble matching the undertone in certain skin types. Add just a dip or drop and it will cancel out any pink. This color will help you find the perfect match to someone in Fitzpatrick 3,4 (Cool)
  • Middle Mixer – This color is a great starting point for Fitzpatrick 3-5 and can be used as a texturing for Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Warm)


The Scar Collection 

This collection features 6 pigments, designed to be mixed to match any skin tone and complexion, which greatly helps permanent makeup artists to camouflage scars for each individual client. Made with high color retention; these results are made to last. This 1/2oz. set includes the following colors:

  • Light Dermis – This color will be added to most a Fitzpatrick 1-3
  • Dark Dermis –  Add this to your Brown Dermis to help match someone in the Fitzpatrick 4,5 (Cool) Mix it Up with the Areola Set!
  • Pink Dermis – This is a great color to add to some skin types in Fitzpatrick 1,2 and is great mixed with a drop of Ash Dermis (Cool) Mix it Up with the Areola Set!
  • Ash Dermis – This color will be added to all Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Cool)
  • No Gray Dermis – Add a drop or two of this color to anyone in the Fitzpatrick 3,4 (Warm)
  • Brown Dermis – This color is a great starting point for Fitzpatrick 3-5 and can be used as a texturing for Fitzpatrick 1-3 (Warm) Mix it Up with the Areola Set!

World Famous Tattoo InkThe Pink Ribbon Set

World Famous Tattoo Ink brings you premium quality tattoo ink with super high pigment content and an amazing flow rate. The vegan-friendly ingredients ensure reliability and longer lasting results. This set Includes:  Portrait White, Tan Honey, Fair Honey, Fair Peach, Dark Honey, Warm Mink, Tan Mink, Warm Peach, Cool Peach, Bright Peach, Warm Honey, Dark Tan, Cool Honey, Cool Mink, Tan Peach and Dark Mink.
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