The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies: Day 4

We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). We’re making this month a December to remember, for the next 12 days we’re launching a new blog series The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies. Each day we’ll be shining the spotlight on a different product that's a perfect addition to your wish list. It’s day four and we’re highlighting four comfortable and reliable aprons.

Starting with the Knife & Flag Non-Porous Split-leg apron; waterproof and extra durable, this apron was made to handle the messiest situations you can throw at it. Cut from chest to mid-thigh, the easy to clean rubber coated polyvinyl and zippered pockets to keep you covered during those long tattoo sessions. Featuring nylon webbing straps, heavyweight quick release closures with a black matte finish, thigh nylon webbing with quick-release closures, and KF woven labels on the center front pocket. 


Next is our Disposable black aprons, minimize your laundry expenses and protect your clothes. Designed to resist liquids and will keep you protected from ink backsplash. This full size apron has a hole for your head and two long ties to accommodate everyone’s unique comfort preference. Sold in a quantity of 100 aprons per package. Size: 29" wide x 53" long.

Seeing as it is the holiday season, our last two aprons are a dynamic duo, both crafted by Knife & Flag in classic black and green. These Knife & Flag Non-porous Core Aprons are made from an easy to clean rubber coated polyvinyl and include zippered pockets for added convenience. 

The Rubber-coated dense-weave polyvinyl fabric keeps you and your clothes protected, weighed at 600D and the dimensions are 25" Wide x 32" Tall. With an adjustable neck strap and adjustable waist strap so you can cater it to your specific needs.

Now that today’s blog is wrapped up, comment below a product that’s on your nice list! What do you think will be featured next? Stop back by tomorrow and find out! 

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