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Permanent Makeup Pigments

Choosing the right permanent makeup pigment for your client's procedure is crucial to obtaining a beautiful result, as well as ensuring optimal safety. That means choosing pigments that are safe and provide vibrant, long-lasting color and texture. There are many permanent makeup pigments on the market, but not all are created equal.

At Ultimate Tattoo Supply, we carry only the safest and highest-quality pigment products that provide vibrant, long-lasting color and texture, including Perma Blend, Tina Davies, Evenflo and Brow Daddy.

Permanent Makeup & Cosmetic Tattoo Pigment Basics

Permanent makeup procedures can range from microblading to lip blushing, permanent eyeliner and more. Although similar to tattooing, permanent makeup requires specialized machines and pigments designed specifically for permanent makeup. Permanent makeup lasts just a few years before needing to be refreshed and is meant to blend into your client’s natural skin tone and hair color.