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Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent makeup, like tattooing, requires high quality materials in order to achieve a beautiful result. That means choosing permanent makeup pigments that are safe and provide vibrant, long-lasting color and texture. But with the abundance of permanent makeup pigment choices on the market, that choice can be confusing. Instead of spending hours researching permanent makeup pigment reviews, shop our curated selection of industry-leading permanent makeup pigments to find some of the best permanent makeup pigments on the market such as Perma Blend, Evenflo and Brow Daddy.


Permanent makeup pigment basics

Permanent makeup pigments are similar to tattoo inks, but not identical. Both are composed of a solvent (typically alcohol, glycerin, water, or witch hazel) that carries various organic or mineral pigments that provide that actual color. Permanent makeup pigments are not as densely saturated as tattoo inks, giving them a gentler color that is easier to match to skin tones. Additionally, permanent makeup pigment is applied only into the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin. Their lighter composition as well as the shallower depth of their application means that permanent makeup pigments generally fade within 1–3 years depending on the specific procedure and client, whereas tattoo ink will stay in the skin forever.