Evo 10 Tattoo Work Station


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Pro T-Ink - EVO 10 is a professional workstation for tattooing, containing everything a tattoo artist needs on his/her desk. One EVO 10 set comprises three sterile plastic plates for different purposes. The plates can be simply clipped together in order to create a practical workplace with everything essential.

The most important part is the plate containing a total of 10 spots for tattoo ink with a size of 18mm x 18mm and a depth of 11mm. Moreover, you can enjoy more space for gels or cream, and the last two circular openings are designed for distilled water or directly for a cup for cleaning needles.

The second part consists of a pad for the tattoo machine, napkins or anything you need to put to one side for a moment. This plate can be used to cover the first plate with tattoo inks after work and then to put them safely in a bio-waste container.

The third part is designed as a holder or container for tattoo needles and cartridges, and can hold up to 6 of them.

Pro T-Ink - EVO 10 is sold in convenient sterile packs with five sets.