Micro-Cide 28 HLD - Gallon


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    Micro-Cide™ 28 HLD is a 3% glutaraldehyde solution with attached powder activator. Once activated, Micro-Cide™ 28 HLD can be used for 28 days to provide high level disinfection or sterilization, providing the solution is above the 1.8% minimum effective concentration and is used according to directions for use.
    • Provides a way to effectively sterilize or achieve high level disinfection of heat sensitive reusable medical devices.
    • Achieves high level disinfection of instruments in 25 minutes providing
    directions for use are followed.
    • Sterilizes instruments in 10 hours providing directions for use are followed.

    Micro-Cide™ 28 HLD is a virtually surfactant-free, free rinsing  activated glutaraldehyde  liquid chemical sterilant  and high-level disinfectant. Its active ingredient is glutaraldehyde in a nominal concentration of 3%. When the powdered activator is added, the solution turns green in color to indicate its readiness for use. In addition to the active ingredient, this ready-to-use solution contains buffers, wetting agents, a rust and corrosion inhibitor and a pleasant fragrance.