Opti-Cide3 - Gallon


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    Use this product to clean, disinfect and sanitize** hard, non-porous non-food contact, inanimate surfaces such as those made of acrylic, metals (aluminum, brass, stainless steel, chrome), glass, plastics (polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyvinylchloride), clear plastics, Plexiglas®, vinyl as well as laminated and painted surfaces. Opti-Cide3 ® effectively and quickly loosens and suspends blood and bodily fluids, non-organic and organic soil, and other cellular debris for easy removal. 

    •     2-Minute hard, non-porous surface disinfectant
    •     10-Second soft surface sanitizer** (Solution only)
    •     Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal*, Tuberculocidal 
    •     Ready-to-Use 
    •     Made in the USA!