Percy Waters Catalog
Percy Waters Catalog
Percy Waters Catalog

Percy Waters Catalog


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Royal Art Books has spent many hours retouching, enhancing and enlarging this extremely rare 1930's mail-order flash catalog from the tattoo supply legend, Percy Waters. The sheets in this book contain designs that have not been accessible to the every day tattooer due to the rarity of original Percy Waters production design sheets. These sheets have been enlarged to 16 times their original size and can now be easily re-worked for the purposes of tattooing. They are very excited to help bring these designs back into the language of Western-Americana and folk art through this book.

* please note that this book will be printed differently than first pressing.
  • Second Pressing (July 2017).
  • Proudly printed and bound in the USA with quality PUR binding
  • 50-8 x 10 pages on a premium quality matte 100lb paper
  • Over 700 designs- more than enough for a whole career of traditional tattooing.
  • Full size reproduction catalog page included with every order