Silverback Ink - Black Th1rt3en Series Set - Choose Size
Silverback Ink - Black Th1rt3en Series Set - Choose Size

Silverback Ink - Black Th1rt3en Series Set - Choose Size


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Silverback Ink, developed for tattooers by a tattooer, provides a full range of black and grey tattoo inks. It is a vegan-friendly formula, made with only the highest quality ingredients that have been carefully measured for precision and consistency. All Silverback Ink is gamma-ray sterilized and processed in a sterile facility in the USA. Each bottle is secured with a tamper-proof seal.

The Black Th1rt3en Series Sample Set, complete with Black Th1rt3en ink and 3 shades of grey wash, is uniquely designed and formulated to offer consistent shades that heal well over time. Black Th1rt3en ink boasts a viscosity and surface tension unlike any previous Silverback black pigment. This full-bodied pigment fully coats needles and has a fluidity that gives it a movement like “black water.” This fluidity allows it to effortlessly saturate the skin. Additionally, artists can easily wipe this pigment off their client’s skin and tattoo tubes for clean, efficient procedures.

Developed based on Silverback’s best-selling 2, 4, and 8 grey washes, the three shades of grey wash in this sample set range from light to dark, allowing for a variety of shades. Artists can mix their Black Th1rt3en Series grey wash shades to produce tones that are most suitable for their client, subject, and style.

If your shipping address is located in the EU or Switzerland, these inks will automatically be taken off your order as we are not permitted to sell or ship to these countries. Please check with your local distributor if you would like to purchase Silverback Ink.


  • Color: Black Th1rt3en Grey Wash Series
  • Permits distinct, consistent, "closer" healing shades
  • Choose Set Size: 1oz or 4oz
  • Each Set includes: Light, Medium, Dark & Black Th1rt3en
  • Vegan-friendly tattoo ink
  • Sterilized with gamma radiation and tamper-proof sealed
  • Processed in a sterile facility
  • Manufactured in California, USA

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