Solid Ink - Horitomo 4 Bottle Sumi Set 2oz Bottles


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Created by tattoo artist Federico Ferroni, Solid Ink is considered one of the best pigments on the market. This vegan tattoo ink features a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, and does not contain any carcinogens, reprotoxins, mutagens, or preservatives. Solid Ink tattoo inks are vibrant and super-concentrated for optimal color saturation and “solid” healed results.

Horitomo is a San Jose, California-based tattoo artist with over twenty years of experience in Japanese traditional work including tebori (Japanese hand tattooing). Packaged in a custom Horitomo bag, the Horitomo Sumi Set includes four Sumi shades in 2oz bottles that can be used to achieve perfect tones for Japanese-style backgrounds and black and grey work. Each pigment is developed, used, and favored by artist Horitomo himself; enjoy his hand-picked inks at your needle tips for an ideal traditional Japanese tattoo composition.


  • Size: 2oz
  • Packaged in custom Horitomo bag
  • Hyper-concentrated pigments for optimal color saturation
  • Vegan; proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients
  • Tested in accordance with current regulations
  • Manufactured in Miami, USA
  • Price per one set of 4 2oz bottles
  • Available in 4oz size and 8oz size

Set Colors:
Black, Dark, Medium, Light