Tergazyme Ultrasonic Cleaner - Concentrated Powder - 4lb Box


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Tergazyme is an enzyme-active, concentrated detergent for cleaning your ultrasonic as well as manual cleaning. With no interfering residues, it is great for the removal of tissue, blood, any body fluids and proteinaceous soils. You can use Tergazyme on glassware, metals, plastic, rubber, ceramic, or porcelain. You can also use it on soft metals like copper, aluminum, zinc or magnesium as long as they are rinsed properly. Tergazyme is FDA-certified and biodegradable.


  • Size: 4lb
  • Enzyme-active, concentrated powder
  • Used for manual and ultrasonic cleaning
  • No interfering residues
  • FDA-certified and biodegradable
  • Manufactured by Alconox