Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro Rotary
Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro Rotary
Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro Rotary

Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro Rotary


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The Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro is unlike any other hybrid tattoo machine available on the market. Enjoy the following robust systems with the Avenger 2 Pro hybrid rotary tattoo machine: 


  • The MultiStroke™ system, which allows you to tattoo with “6 tattoo machines in 1.” This system offers 6 stroke lengths for a variety of tattooing styles and techniques. In under 7 seconds, you can easily toggle between the following stroke lengths : 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, 4.2mm, 4.7mm, and 5.5mm. 


  • The SkinResponse™ system, which allows you to pack in more tattoo ink, great for color tattooing or black and gray work. The system works by making the tip of your tattoo needles penetrate the skin for a slightly longer duration. Additionally, the SkinResponse™ system allows you to work more precisely and softly even at high voltage settings with longer stroke lengths. This results in less damage to your clients’ skin and more efficient tattooing all around. 


  • The upgraded 10.5W M2 motor, which is the most powerful motor found in any hybrid rotary tattoo machine on the market. This motor offers maximum torque for smooth tattooing, no matter your voltage. 


  • The Super Jaws™ vise for an even clamp on the backstem 


Featuring an upgraded, super durable RCA connection, you can tattoo with the Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro using a standard wired setup; or you can tattoo wirelessly by attaching a battery pack.  


In addition to these state-of-the-art qualities, you can also rest assured the Vlad Blad Avenger 2 Pro is eco-friendly. This machine is made from recycled aluminum and comes in planet-friendly packaging. While this machine is designed for professional tattoo artists, it’s also an excellent machine for less experienced artists to experiment with a variety of different settings and styles. 



  • Hybrid rotary tattoo machine by Vlad Blad 
  • MultiStroke™ system offers 6 different stroke lengths: 3.2mm, 3.5mm, 3.8mm, 4.2mm, 4.7mm, 5.5mm 
  • Easily toggle between stroke lengths in under 7 seconds 
  • SkinResponse™ increases pigment load with every hit 
  • Minimal damage to the skin while packing in pigment 
  • Performs silently and comfortably with minimal vibration 
  • Most powerful upgraded 10.5W motor for hybrid tattoo machines 
  • Super Jaws™ vise for even clamp on the backstem 
  • Upgraded RCA connection; tattoo with a power supply or tattoo wirelessly 
  • Recyclable aluminum construction and eco-friendly packaging 
  • Designed for professional tattoo artists 

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