We get it, getting a tattoo can be stressful, especially if you haven't gotten one before or know what you're about to get will take several hours to complete. Sometimes people drink to loosen up or sometimes the power of liquid courage takes us on a trip to the tattoo shop. But the question is: should we drink before a tattoo? The short answer is no, but here's why. 

Alcohol and Ink - Should They Mix

Alcohol is not necessarily a pain killer:

Let's say you just got a huge tattoo and you're feeling the burn, we could see why that would inspire a few sips of "Grandpa's cough syrup." But this is not a good idea, first off this is not a Western. Though alcohol was once the oldest or "original" pain killer, it's not recommended. Did you know you can build up a tolerance to alcohol? Fact. What you're actually doing is slowing down your brain and nervous system which is not helpful to the healing process.  

Cover photo by: Ergita Sela

Alcohol and Ink - Should They Mix

Photo by: Allef Vinicius

Shoulda waited instead of intoxicated: 

We're guessing you know this, but just in case: drinking impairs your judgment. So when you've had a few martinis or beers (or whatever you're into) you might think a unicorn tattoo is an awesome idea (and we don't disagree with that) but then the next day you realize you don't actually want one. We're all about living in the moment, but you should at least get a tattoo idea you've had for more than six hours.  

Alcohol and Ink - Should They Mix

  Photo by: Luis Villasmil

No tattoo for you: 

Before you get pumped up to get a tattoo while intoxicated know that there is a good chance the artist will refuse to tattoo you (and rightfully so).

Alcohol and Ink - Should They Mix

Photo by: Eugene Chystiakov

To sum it all up:

We recommend Gatorade, a good night's sleep, and a few deep breaths when it comes to getting that sweet new tattoo. Alcohol can be nice in moderation in certain situations but this is not one of them. Liquor will most likely make you bleed more which will lead to a more uncomfortable tattoo. Plus you might get nauseous and throw up on your tattoo artist and no amount of a tip can really make up for that.  

Alcohol and Ink - Should They Mix