Three Strange Things Your Tattoo Does That's Actually Normal

Let's say it's your first time getting a tattoo, you know to expect pain but beyond that, you're wondering what's a tattoo norm and what isn't. This blog is for you! Below are three things you might experience after a tattoo that is actually pretty common. 

Photo by: Paola Aguilar

3. It Itches!

Early on in the healing phase, you will experience itching. Don't give in to the urge to scratch! Lightly patting is a good alternative to itching. Itching can expose the tattoo to bacteria creating irritation or even infection. Rest assured, the itching should stop once the piece has healed properly, most notice the itching subsiding after the first week. Until then, keep it moisturized, which can help it heal and protect it from outside influences.

Cover image by Bernard Hermant

Photo by: Dmitriy Nushtaev

2. Feeling Raised

In the weeks following getting your tattoo, it will feel more raised because it's fresh and healing. This feeling will fade as time goes on, but it looks pretty cool, right? 

Photo by: Genesis Castillo

1. Dryness

In the first few weeks your piece might feel dry or soak up moisturizers faster than usual, this is completely normal. Keep a non-scented lotion nearby and soon you'll be feeling back to normal. Some people notice dryness for 2-6 weeks after a tattoo, every skin type is different!

Stay tuned to see our upcoming blog on what is NOT normal after getting a new tattoo. Keep in mind if you have any questions after a tattoo, you can always ask your tattoo artist or dermatologist. And hey, while you're on our site be sure to check out our Hallo-weekend sales.


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