Getting a tattoo can be nerve-wracking as can getting a tattoo removed. We're sure you've heard how much tattoo removal can hurt, among other speculations. Here are a few misconceptions and the fact or fiction behind them. 

Common Misconceptions About Tattoo Removal

3. Skip Your Dermatologist

While most tattoo removal experts have experience and knowledge in the skin, it doesn't hurt to consult your dermatologist beforehand (especially if you already go regularly). There are elements that Dermatologist can check out first, like skin type, medical history, and current medications. This depends on each person, for instance, if you have eczema your dermatologist can offer helpful advice.

Common Misconceptions About Tattoo Removal

2. The Pain is Basically Unbearable

We can't say tattoo removal doesn't hurt, similar to a tattoo it does hurt but many clinics now provide options for topical anesthesia as a means of minimizing the pain. Also, most removal services offer a cool compress and soothing gel to ease any tenderness.

Common Misconceptions About Tattoo Removal

1. Every Tattoo is Equal

False. Some tattoos are easier to remove than others, while some require more work. Older tattoos are easier to remove, considering the body essentially starts its own removal process, natural fade overtime. Also, keep in mind the type of ink used can make a difference too, and the colors used. It might sound strange, but black ink is typically removed faster than brighter hues. (Blue is one of the most difficult colors to remove).