Shark Week originally premiered on July 17, 1988, and since then has occurred every year, in July (or sometimes in early August). Why shark week? It was originally intended to conservation efforts and correcting misconceptions about sharks. Over time it has grown in popularity and is even a hit on the Discovery Channel. So, tune into these jawesome tattoos and comment your favorite piece below!

Cover image by Macaron Fiends & Sukeno Socks 

Despite being feared by most, sharks actually have no bones! They are a special type of fish known "elasmobranch" which translates to fish made of cartilaginous tissues.
Tattoo by: Krish Trece

You've probably never touched a shark (and we don't blame you) but if you did you would discover their skin feels similar to sandpaper.

Tattoo by: Saskič

Scientists estimate based on fossils found in Australia and the US, sharks first appeared in the ocean roughly 455 million years ago!

Tattoo by: Thom Bulman 

Because of their unusual sleeping schedule, sharks can travel nonstop for days. Great whites are known to go distances of 2,500 miles or more without taking a pause. 

Tattoo by: Davi Tattoo

Their skin helps make them fast, the tooth-like design of shark scales helps streamline their bodies and allow for speedier movement through the water. 

Tattoo by: Christen Kleinfelter