Originally formulated in Japan, Kuro Sumi creates the purest formula with world-class ingredients that offer a truly safe and amazing result. 

The brand name of Kuro Sumi was hand-selected because of the meaning behind them. “Kuro" translates to “black” in Japanese, highlights Kuro Sumi’s reputation as the premier tattoo ink for outlining and grey wash, offering the “absolute blackest pigment in the tattoo industry". “Sumi” translates to “before” in Japanese, is representative of the rich history and tradition of Japanese tattooing.

Symbolism and history come together to create The Dragon, which has been a part of East Asian culture for more than 4000 years. The dragon symbolizes power, strength, wisdom, and good fortune. Kuro Sumi’s adoption of the Dragon honors that tradition in the quality of their inks and vision of their brand. 

Kuro Sumi - Return Of The KingKuro Sumi - Return Of The King