Dick Hilburn was a tattoo artist, business owner, and the famous 'half-man' who tattooed on circus and carnival midways in the 1940s and 1950s. 

He was born with one arm and without legs, but he refused to let that hold him back from the things he wanted in life. He had dogged persistence, limitless passion, and a lively spirit. His incredible work ethic which pushed him to not only succeed, but also thrive at whatever goals he set for himself. 

He was able to achieve more mobility by using a rolling board. He used his arm to propel and steer his body and by doing so developed great physical strength. His appearance got him noticed, but his artwork is what made him a legend. 


Through hard work, dedication, and love for what he did he successfully operated his own traveling show. Hilburn ran his sideshow until the day he died in June of 1971. He inspired countless people to embrace their individuality and not let anything stop them from going after their goals. Today we want to say Happy Birthday to Dick Hilburn, an artist that left his mark on the tattoo industry!