World Cancer Day - The Healing Power of Tattoos

Today marks World Cancer Day, an international day to raise awareness of the disease itself and to spread important information about prevention, detection, and treatment. Our blog below contains awesome tattoos inspired by awareness & cancer survivors while examining the healing ability of tattoos.  

Photo by: Peter Boccia

Tattoos can be used for more than covering up scars, they can also help survivors regain confidence and heal emotionally. Scars can be a reminder of pain, while tattoos are created for self-expression. Survivors can choose designs to express themselves or their journey and feel strength through that process. 

There are events that take place around the world where cancer survivors can share stories and tattoo artists donate their time to tattoo, these events are mostly focused on mastectomy tattoos. This is an opportunity for artists to form a special connection with a client, as they are truly enriching the lives of the people they tattoo. 

Tattoo by: Elena Esperanza

Cancer awareness tattoos are also something family and friends can get to share support for their loved ones. 

Tattoo by: Jesse Kube

The road to recovery can be a long one, and sometimes a lonely one. What's truly inspiring about these tattoos is their way of connecting people who have shared similar experiences. 

Tattoo by: Lost Harbor Tattoo 

Tattoo by: Sean Sue

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Cover Tattoo by: Sweetened Honey Tattoo

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