#Th[INK]ing Forward - Moving Forward

It’s hard to believe this week marks the end of January, so we want to take a moment to wrap up what we’ve learned about sustainability and how we can add more sustainable, eco-friendly practices in our everyday lives.

Photo by: Matheus Ferrero

Why get involved? 

The world is a big place, but there’s something everyone can do to help the environment. For instance, switching out disposable items you use everyday for reusable alternatives (like to-go mugs instead of disposable cups). 

Photo by: Murilo Bahia

How is Ultimate Tattoo Supply eco-friendly?

Ultimate Tattoo Supply is proud to partner with brands that are eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free; this includes our EcoTatt products, World Famous Tattoo Ink, Care Caps, Round Head Floor Lamp Kit with Energy-saving LED beads evenly placed inside, and tattoo inks.

We hope your year got off to a great start and if you tried being vegan for the first time, please share your experience with us by using #thINKForward

Cover image by Joseph Wang

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