What is Veganuary? It is a month-long challenge that provides information about the benefits of veganism and how to get started. Many people think that veganism ends with what we eat, but there is so much more to it. In a larger sense, it's looking into what's in the products we use every day. In honor of Veganuary, we'll be highlighting our most popular, vegan-friendly products. From pigments to aftercare, you will have something new to try.

We want every product we produce to reflect our values as well as our artists' values. That's why we select ingredients that are never tested on animals and ensure each pigment is vegan-friendly. The key to reliable, stunning results starts with the ingredients. 

Forest Brown

Forest Brown has quickly become an artist’s favorite in the PMU community. This medium to dark, rich brown color creates the perfect foundation for various looks. Artists can use Forest Brown to create naturally beautiful brows or bolder, darker brows.

Which vegan-friendly product is your favorite? Comment below! Stay tuned to see which product we'll be highlighting next for Veganuary!