The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies: Day 12

We’re feeling the holiday spirit this year (mostly because it’s so close to the end of this crazy year). We've reached the 12th and final day of our blog series The 12 Days of Tattoo Supplies, where each day we’ve highlighted a different product that we know can spruce up your tattoo shop. We're finishing strong with the spotlight on 12 tattoo machines!

The Zabre V2 exclusive wireless pen design gives you, the artist, the most optimal tattooing experience. This upgraded design still has the same exceptional features as the original Zabre with reliable, extended performance, efficient operation, and ease of use. The Zabre V2 is both ergonomic and lightweight, made of high-quality aircraft aluminum with a durable finish. A simple twist of the grip and you get full control of the needle depth adjustment.
The EQUALISER Proton rotary pen machine has an advanced gear system that guarantees a trouble-free and quiet operation. The housing is made of the highest quality anodized aluminum. Super low weight— only 130 grams! Total lack of vibration! Compatible with most brands of cartridges!  Stroke: 3.5mm
Quiet operation, adjustable needle protrusion, and a broad frequency bandwidth for any tattooing style; the Sol Nova Unlimited comes with all favored features that have become hallmarks of Cheyenne machines. Adjusting the frequency doesn’t get any easier than the press of a button. Aside from this super-simple 1-button operation, you can also count on the Sol Nova Unlimited to operate reliably for a minimum of 5 hours. Two batteries are included with your purchase, along with a power cable for charging up, which makes for a total of at least 10 hours of efficient tattooing.
It’s safe to say that the HAWK PEN has revolutionized the tattoo industry. Its ergonomic, pen-like shape offers complete freedom of movement while you work. Its optimal ergonomic design is gentle on your wrist and prevents fatigue. The pen shape makes it easy to cover and thereby ensures absolute hygiene while you work. With its 3.5 mm stroke, the feeling the HAWK PEN provides lies right between the Hawk Thunder and the Hawk Spirit. The machine thereby unites the benefits of both machines and can be used for dots and lines as well as shading and filling.
Power up on convenience with this extra PowerBolt wireless battery by FK Irons. This detachable pack easily hooks up to your Flux Rotary Tattoo Machine for snap-and-go tattooing. With a fast-charging speed of up to 1.5 Amps, the battery can run for up to 10 hours depending on your preferred voltage settings and cartridge needles. With an extra battery on hand, that means up to 20 hours of battery life for tattooing large-scale, multiple-session pieces. Additionally, the PowerBolt comes with a super convenient kill-switch feature, allowing you to turn it off indefinitely while flying to your next event, guest spot, or convention. To turn the battery back on again, simply insert a USB cable.
Designed with one goal in mind: offering artists full control of parameters to unleash their creative version. Specifications include: the ergonomic and lightweight design allow for optimal maneuverability, the conveniently interchangeable strokes to suit different styles of tattooing: 3.2mm and 3.7mm Stroke Wheels included with purchase, a secure ratcheting system that enables artists to lock-in needle depth settings, and the seamless, telescopic grip feature is compatible with all needles.
Vlad Blad Wolf Pro Liner is a powerful machine, your lines will be crisp and clean with this machine. The Vlad Blad Wolf Pro Liner has been designed for single-pass lining pushing groupings 5 through 14 liners. This machine has a powder-coated steel frame, yet only weighs 185 grams (6.2oz.). It is well balanced and gives you great control over the needle. Vlad Blad tattoo machines come with a 25-year warranty on the frame, coils, and armature bar. 1-year warranty on springs, vice screw, contact screw, and binding posts.
Peak continues to design pen-style rotary tattoo machines that allow for accuracy, control, and precision. The Matrix Pen tattoo machine employs a Faulhaber German motor and has a working voltage range of 7.5v up to 10v; it should not surpass 11v during operation. It comes with an ergonomically designed tapered grip. Bonus: this comes with two O-rings, one Allen key, three drive bar nubs, and a right angle RCA cord. 
The Flite X1’s versatility makes adjustable voltage and needle depth as easy as it can be. The machine features an intuitive one-button operation for increasing and decreasing the voltage or speed. The all-new LED wheel works as a readout tool for your machine’s output and battery life; you can always use it as a reference for optimal performance range and speed – whatever is most suitable to your particular style. You can also digitally adjust the needle depth with ergonomic onboard controls. The built-in needle depth adjustment capabilities negate the need for a separately purchased adjustable grip and two cost-effective batteries come with the machine, making this an all-in-one package that does not require a power supply. 
Designed by World Famous Tattoo Supply. Fastback style frame, handcrafted, etched metal with 10 wrapped coils and quick lock tube vise. This is a well-balanced machine with a square back, great for color packing and black & grey work. (Please note: this includes the shader only)
The Stigma-Rotary® Stylist is a compact, lightweight, and powerful pen-style tattoo machine. It can be used with cartridges of all major brands thanks to the interchangeable cartridge receivers. The long grip has been ergonomically designed and is easy to wrap. The grip’s indented profile makes this a very comfortable machine to work with. The Stylist’s stroke length can also be adjusted in seconds from 3 to 3.7mm by simply twisting the fixed motor. It comes with a high-quality Swiss-made motor and a protected RCA connection, so durability and reliability are a given.

This exclusive Lithium Mini Rotary by Hyperion is lightweight and compact. The Lithium is professionally packaged in a high-quality foam padded box to ensure your machine is protected during shipping. The Lithium is both ergonomic and lightweight, made of high-quality aircraft aluminum with a durable finish. It's assembled using a high-quality German Faulhaber motor and has a fixed 3.5mm stroke length. The grip has been precision machined to accept the vast majority of all needle cartridges/configurations currently on the market today.

This blog series is a wrap! Which day in the series was your favorite? Comment below! And from all of us here at Ultimate Tattoo Supply, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season! 

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